Esho Funi & Your Dream Life!

Jun 19, 2012 | Prosperity

Esho Funi is a Japanese term that means “oneness of life & environment”.  This concept is thousands of years old and yet modern and revolutionary. Understanding esho funi, even on a basic level, can open your world up to limitless and beautiful expanses of happiness and integrated wellness.

Esho Funi is the basis of feng shui my way. I don’t want to be overly simplistic, given that this is a very deep and profound concept.  However, esho funi in action can be quite simple to understand in a workable way. Dig this: if your environment sucks, your life sucks.  If you elevate your environment, you elevate your life. 

Your thoughts, words & actions affect your “escho funi”.  Become more positive, choose to be optimistic, do good deeds & you lift up the condition of your life.  It works the opposite way, too.  Clean up your home or office or car and get it glowing and suddenly your life becomes easier, more expansive and more fun.

A few ways to instantly boost your esho funi today: take out the trash every day, write affirmations in a journal, declutter, open the windows, wash your car & repair anything broken in your home.  & Have fun!  xoxo Dana


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  1. Kolla Kolbeinsdottir

    Love it! Recently tripped over your blog and started following, and it’s fast becoming a favorite. Thanks for sharing the awesome tips. I’m moving in the near future and you can bet I’ll be putting what I learn here to good use 🙂

    • danaclaudat

      WELCOME! And thankyou! You are free to ask questions any time!!!! xoxo


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