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Jun 20, 2012 | Prosperity

If you have big dreams, training your mind is as important as training your body!  I know, you’ve heard this before.  Well, so have I!  And I also am dialed-in to just about every single high-tech, innovative success tool in the universe, and I am the fountain of optimism that I am… yet I woke up today with a head full of ideas and thoughts and things to do that were troubling & unrelated to my life.  Although I am not suggesting that you run your life as a strict regime that requires absolute awesomeness every second, if we don’t keep our minds in shape even the strongest amongst us can fall prey to confusion and take our eyes off the prize.  


PRIORITIZE. Stick to a very clear group of things to accomplish.  If you have fifty main-priority goals, guess what will happen? Nothing. You will likely not want to do ANYTHING on that list because you will be scattered and no matter what you achieve you will feel unacomplished.

REFRESH. Create a routine at home to clean up each week and refresh your home energy.  THIS quick Home Energy Makeover done weekly is a perfect time to clear the air and get clarity on the week ahead. 

SHARPEN. If you don’t get specific with what you want, you will not know when you achieve it.  Being ultra-clear makes life much more easy to navigate.  The worst thing that will happen is that you fall short of the target.  At least then you know how much better you need to do next time to get there!  Also, although I am the biggest proponent of big dreaming, to get yourself in the groove of “goal-getting” set a few short term goals that you can absolutely attain with a little focus.  This will build your confidence in the process, big-time!

REVIEW. Read your very specifically written goals before bed & first thing when you wake up. You can even do what Daymond John does and read your goals at 5am then go back to bed for a few hours to let them “seep” into your subconscious, as he explains it.

PRIVATIZE. The fastest way to get discouraged is to share your exciting goal with too many people.  When you share, you open yourself up to “feedback” that you don’t need, like “how hard” things are or “how expensive”, etc, etc. 

EAT WELL.  Oh, the twists and turns and crashes and burns an unfed or improperly fed mind will take.  Eat well, cut out sugar and don’t go too long between meals without a snack.  Check FOOD SHUI for some ideas on eating if a balanced but groovy way!

SEE IT OFTEN. Yep, we all know about visualizing goals, but this is a reminder that you need to visualize at any time throughout the day when you feel yourself getting dull, uninspired or totally discouraged.  You can close your eyes and breathe and see yourself in a positive place at any time in the day, just about anywhere. A five minute “bathroom break” can save your mind at work in a flash!

SLEEP. Revamp your bedroom with feng shui if need be, but make sure you sleep enough.  Without sleep you lose points on your IQ, you lose your ability to rationalize, you throw your body into disarray and you utterly struggle through the day.  If you are struggling to get through the day, how are you, exactly, supposed to achieve great things?!  Yeah, sleep.  It is critical!

Designing your dream life is a daily exercise! xoxo Dana


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