Feng Shui Q & A: Feng Shui Colors For A Meditation Room?

Jun 22, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

A reader asked the question: “I am turning my spare bedroom into a meditation room!  Can you recommend the best colors for this room?”

My answer:

On a very basic level, the most meditative colors are those which calm your particular elemental nature.  For some, the stabilizing power of earth is healing.  For others, the refining quality of metal is helpful.  But, if we are talking purely the psychology of color, I would say violets are the “time-tested” color of transcendent thought and correlate with the energy center of your body that “feels” transcendence. 

This color pallete from the fabulous Design Seeds is a good place to start when thinking violet.  

Now, in general, I included the majorly awesome glass meditation room above to impress upon your that the absolute best and most meditative we can be in in accordance with nature, so I would consider stocking the room with lush plants and flooding it with as much light as possible. 

Happy tranquil space-creation to you!


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