Feng Shui To Help You Find Your Way Out Of Depression

Jun 25, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

Nic Rad and Adam Wissing HOPE SOAP 2012

Cultivating a sense of hope, brightness and even cheer in the depths and dark of a difficult time is a real challenge.  Overcoming a period of constant “blah”, “numb” or truly sad can mean more than just overcoming a single obstacle, it could mean reforming your life, your habits, your diet, your thoughts…and your environment!  Depression is a serious issue with multiple causes, many somewhat controvesial “cures” and heated debates.  One thing is clear- you can not simply pop a pill and erase your unhappiness.  Serious depression is integrated within your life and lifestyle; you must make changes, even small ones, in your habits, your diet, your relationships, thoughts and environment to truly emerge filled with hope, peace, clarity & joy.

Here is a video packed with many ideas to support your march toward more & more light in your life!!!

Do you have a holistic help for depression that has helped you snap out of the blues? Have you had success treating serious depression with nutrition or alternative healing?  Please share!  This is a discussion I’d love to get started in the world!  xoxo Dana


  1. Sheila

    Omega 3’s have been amazing! I took them for a long time and didn’t feel like I was getting as much of a benefit as I had hoped. After talking to a nutritionist at a local business, I discovered that because I have a sluggish digestive system, I might not be absorbing everything I could. I switched to the liquid form of the oil and noticed a big difference after 4 wks. My dry eye was under control, my hair, skin, and nails improved and I just felt better!

    YOGA has been a true lifesaver as well – gentle/restorative/yin yoga for me. Has made all the difference in lowering my anxiety and depressive moods.

    • danaclaudat

      This is AWESOME! Thank you Sheila! xoxo Dana

  2. Rebecca

    Thanks for these tips Dana! I’m definitely feeling in a funk with a lot of different changes going on my life. I’m trying to get a sense of balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s so refreshing to take a “holistic” look on things!

  3. Jia Ni

    Hi Dana!! Love the video! I find that lots of sunshine, flowers + light makes the energy in an area much much happier! 🙂 Finding a friend to talk about things can be really helpful in some situations too! And I totally agree with what you say about seeking professional help (not an advocate for treating symptoms i.e. using antidepressants for depression) but I am all for natural herbs + medicine as a supportive role. Sending you lots of love! 🙂 x



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