Feng Shui Tip Of The Day: Fresh Sheets For Fresh Sleep!

Jun 26, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

Today’s bit of fast feng shui is all about fresh sheets.  Today, either wash your sheets, or if they are on the threadbare side, grab yourself a really luscious new set! 

Why sheets?  Luxurious sheets envelope you as you sleep.  Soft, natural fibers will provide the “feel” of soothing comfort.  Shets also collect your skin cells and a ton of microscopic critters (I know, so gross!) so you MUST wash them often in warm water, preferably without chemical soaps.  

What kind of sheets are the best?  Organic sheets really are a bit healthier since they are not woven full of pesticides and other toxic by-products. High thread count sheets are a bit of luxury that can be with reach.  People say that the higher the thread count the more energetically awesome you bed is… I am not sure that is 100% true, but great sheets DO make a HUGE difference.  If you are in the market for luxurious bedding, sign up at Gilt Home to get the best of the flash sales of luxury bedding & so much more! 


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  1. Michaela

    You are such a mind-reader, I washed mine this morning– woke up and said, “gotta do this today!” <3

  2. Tina

    Yes yes yes! I searched forever for the perfect sheets, and my favorite are the percale weave at Thomas Lee. They are great luxury sheets, and reasonably priced. The weave makes them very crisp and breathable, always fresh feeling. I think they are only online at http://www.thomasleeltd.com/index.cfm.

    My husband says he has a heard time sleeping on anything else.

  3. Reese

    Overstock.com has fabulous bedding at some really good prices. I’ve gotten some very high quality bedding there. Clean, nice sheets are so important!


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