Doug Aitken Is My Feng Shui Art God

Jun 27, 2012 | Life With Art


To know me is to know a few facts.  One fact: that Doug Aitken is an intuitive feng shui master in his brilliant artwork.  I have told him that he was a feng shui master in a somewhat stalkerish-fan-girl way (yes, I have done this many times to artists I am semi-fixated on), I have been floating in the crowds of one of his art films just to say that I saw him work, up close & personal… and I am pretty much mesmerized by everything he does.  He is my little feng shui art round up of Doug Aitken’s classic and new work that is elemental and intuitively so powerful each and every time…! 

Laser sharp communication with every text-based piece.

Doug Aitken, Fountain (earth fountain) Art Basel 43 Galerie Eva Presenhuber from do easy art on Vimeo.

An “earth” fountain of art anyone?  i mean, this is the BEST feng shui art EVER!!!

Influenced by the ocean, the surf…

The way that he uses fire & water scenes to propel this film called Migration from animal scene to the next is just as nature had intended.

And of course, the living, breathing SEX of this live, organic installation piece could not be more complete.

The only way to finish my little “Doug-tribute” properly  is with a sampling of his film at the Hirshhorn that can only be described as otherworldly.

As my friend said and I wholeheartedly agree- Doug’s work makes you NEED to go out and see it live.  Trust me, its true.  Next time there is Doug Aitken work near you, take the trip to live it!  xoxo Dana


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