Instagramming: The Bold & The Nutritious!

Jul 2, 2012 | Uncategorized

This week’s Instagram is packed with punchy colors, strong flavor and decisive statements.  This Summer has a ton of greatness in store!

mushroom baskets

These baskets of mixed mushrooms are like gorgeous organisms on display at the farmer’s market.

colorful salad

But this salad is the most utterly glamorous with its flecks of red confetti.

Dana Claudat

Here’s my attempt at capatalizing on the Color Blocking trend.

marry me

And I saw this on my way to tea, thinking… “wow, that’s a really powerful statement, isn’t it?”

carrot juice

But nothing was quite as yum and fortifying this week as my new obsession, a giant cup of carrot, beet & ginger juice!

I love Instagram!  Hit me up @thetaoofdana and I will follow you back to watch your life unfold in pictures, too! xoxo Dana


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