Fast Feng Shui For Today: Social Media Flow!

Jul 5, 2012 | Creativity

Whether your business is related to the Internet or not, unless you live on a secluded mountain….and even if you do!… you have socal media in your life and you “live” to some degree in that space.  Yep, virtual real estate is a real thing.

Today’s fast tip of the day is a reminder and a bit of inspiration to “upgrade” and “declutter” your social media.  Facebook friends who are no longer friends, photos you hate (and those drunken photos of you that friends have tagged you in!), Twitter spam, old messages, email inboxes full of junk….Redo your resume on LinkedIn, spruce up your Yelp with some new images and reviews….Delete accounts you don’t use.  Create folders in your email for important documentation to file.  Get it all clean and clear.  Integrate as much social media as you can (ie, Pinterest & Instagram on Facebook perhaps?) and simplify!

When your virtual life is more “feng shui’d” you whole life is going to be so much lighter! If you have cool tips for streamlining your social media, please share them below! I love to hear from you!


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