Alexis Smart’s Flower Essences Transform Your Wellbeing On So Many Levels!

Jul 9, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

Flower Remedies have been a fascination of mine for an incredibly long time, as in their purest and most thoughtful use they have been shown to heal past traumas, sweep out negative emotions and depression, alleviate stress and even heal mysterious illnesses.    Alexis Smart, the true Los Angeles guru of flower remedies, educated me on the way that flower remedies work, why we might use them, how to use them effectively…and then actually gave me my own custom bottle so I could see how they really work. You might be thinking… “Flower What? Huh?!” But, what I am about to introduce to you might just be a revolution in your life, as it has been in mine! 

I met Alexis on a beautifully sunny afternoon in Los Angeles at her studio nestled in the trees of Echo Park.  Strikingly beautiful, ineffably calm and so warm and open from the first moment arrived I knew Alexis Smart had something great going on, and she was so highly recommended I was almost prepared to be disappointed but was rather magnetized into her home.

“When I was a very  little girl my mother said I used to mix flowers in water and leave them in the sun to create magic water and then drink it, ” she explained, ” and later I learned that is how flower remedies are made.”

Her foray into healing with custom flower essences was just as intuitive as her early reach toward it; the more she learned about how flower remedies gently but powerfully alleviate specific emotional conditions the more she started to “diagnose” other people and create remedies for them based on their present situation and their history emotionally as well as physically.  People started flocking to her to help get off of antidepressants that had failed to work, to become free of childhood trauma and even to find love.  Her magic with flowers has been self-propelling.

Given that I have always had fun with flower remedies but never felt such intense depth of transformation, I was fascinated.  “How do you actually know exactly what a client needs?”

“I let people talk,” Alexis explained, ” and they diagnose themselves with what they say when the talk freely.  There is a language that resonates with each flower remedy and when I hear it I know what flowers are being spoken about.”

Almost involuntarily I started telling Alexis things about myself I don’t tell anyone.  I has no intention of doing so, but over an hour passed as I sat in this sun-filled room and poured out my own story.  Out of that hour or so came more than just massive realizations; a flower remedy was born.  Alexis mixed me a bottle of flowers in organic handcrafted brandy and pure water and put it in my hand.  No joke: my spine felt so straight, my feet were deeply rooted in the ground and I sensed that this was very different from anything I had done before.

“When you start taking flower remedies, you may feel emotional or tired or yawning for a few days but then, as you move along, they do their work and you will see the change in a few weeks.  Once you do the healing you are healed, it is not a band aid.  Its more like peeling an onion.  You get through layers of issues to find clarity and you can use another formula later down the line if new issues and emotions come up… but you are healing.”

In addition to her custom remedies, Alexis has pre-mixed remedies available or sale on her website (as well as in select shops in LA and Brooklyn)  for everything from stress and heartbreak to procrastination and a feeling of being unclear about your life’s purpose.  Among  her best sellers is “My Personal Assistant”, a flower remedy that helps you to overcome overwhelming periods of work stress, even making these challenging times fun and enriching.  Another, “Wholehearted”, is for grief and heartbreak.  It helps clear these traumas from the past and open your life up to new love.  Each and every one of them has been crafted from years of work with clients  that demonstrated certain traits in common in various life situations.

The good news about flower remedies?  The worst thing that can happen is NOTHING.  They are safe enough for pets and even babies to take, in non-alcoholic formulas.  Flowers work gently : they don’t “over-correct” your issues, and they don’t contradict anything you might be doing except taking other flower remedies.  She advocates just one “mixed” remedy at a time because too many remedies at once decrease their potency.

Her flower remedies are not the ordinary- they are Healing Herbs Bach Flower Essences, the most pure and powerfully standard essences available, created in line with Dr Bach’s actual guidelines. “Dr Bach”, she explained, “noticed that before illness there tended to be a period of emotional distress of some sort. So, he used the flowers to address the emotional imbalances and prevent illness or cure it on another level, at the core.”  Alexis explained that the most rewarding product she sees in her clients is a really powerful renewal or birth of self-love that emanates through their entire life. Yes, that is a beautiful notion, indeed!

You can consult with Alexis Smart online or by phone, and, if you are as lucky as I have been, you can see her in her beautiful studio and actually experience the magic of flowers as they unfold around you. I am so thrilled to share the incredible gift of Alexis with all of you!

xoxo Dana



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