5 Compelling Feng Shui Reasons To Wash The Dishes!

Jul 10, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

Washing dishes is positively not my favorite chore, but it is an immensely important activity to maintain your home’s energy & good vibes!  Here are 5 key ways that a pile of dirty dishes (or even a few) can negatively affect the energy of your home and your life.

1. Unwashed dishes are resonant with unexpressed resentment. 

Yep, ” I am too tired/ annoyed/ peeved/ to do these dishes” is a form of resentment.

Let them pile up really high and man, there is a lot of unexpressed anger and other suppressed icky stuff that could be festering inside of you.

vintage utility sinks


2. Your dirty dishes will affect your overall wellbeing.  They block the positive flow of water  in your kitchen.  The flow of water in your life is akin to the flow of energy (heath, vitality, money, etc!) in your life.  Some people claim that negative forces like “entities” or spirits are attracted to these kinds of messes and neglect… so just waash them!!!

3. Dirty dishes can make you sick. When you leave dishes in your sink you are basically setting up a live science experiment, growing all sorts of bacteria in there.

Bits of food and germs will attract all sorts of vermin that can be sickening in-and-of themselves.

4.  Dirty dishes add “depression” to the air. Aromatherapy anyone?  The scent of dirty dishes may not be poignant, but it most certainly is the opposite of bright, clean energy.  When you clean dishes rapidly and completely after you use them you keep the air much more clear.

money feng shui tips from The Tao of Dana

5. Your pile of dishes could cost you lots of $$$!!!

Dish washing is a nourishing ritual that promotes kitchen prosperity.

Just like cooking catalyzes raw energy into actual edible energy in a kitchen, washing cooking implements, glasses, plates and the like create a perpetual space for nourishment to happen.  If you’re having money problems, don’t get lazy in your kitchen!

Oh and this tip is key:  If you don’t disinfect (How-To right HERE) and replace the dish sponges/rags/ etc in your sink at least every other week, you’re not really cleaning your dishes but, rather, re-mixing new bacteria and spreading germs! Keep those sponges fresh and clean, and buy recyclable natural ones so that they don’t go into a landfill!

xoxo Dana

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