Feng Shui Q & A: A Run Of Bad Luck In Love

Jul 11, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

A reader sent in this question: ” So running with a streak of bad luck in my love life… Ran a quick check on my room : Two sides of my room are just big windows. And I have twin beds, each squished in the corner next to each window. I sleep on a bed that doesn’t directly have my feet towards the door but towards the side of the room where the door is. I have storage area underneath my bed. No ceiling fan.
And I’m renting this room.  The beds are fixed so I cannot move them.

Feng shui disaster ? Help !!

My answer:

I am going to be straight with you from a feng shui (not a psychic or a know-it-all) perspective: you do not seem ready for a full-blown relationship. Now, you can say that your feng shui is not your fault because you are renting the room, but you selected or brought that space into your life, and that space is not conducive to an adult intimate relationship.  Even the language you use of beds “squished” against the walls, fixed beds that are apart, storage under the beds… Nope, where and how can you see room for another person in this scenario?!

That said, in your current position you can “ready” yourself for a real union.  Clearing out that under-the-bed storage, investing in whatever it will take (a new job, enterprise, opportunity?) so that you can rent a space with a larger bed against a preferably solid wall flanked by enough space for two people to enter and exit comfortably, and even understanding how you arrived at this room (where you were at in your life that brought this space to you– -are all positive steps on the way to a space that supports a long-term relationship. 

Your space is a mirror of your state of mind or life at any particular time.  There is a Buddhist principle of Esho Funi- oneness of life & environment- that even philosophically lays out these ideas.  This is not a bad thing– -its a great thing that you are seeing how your space and your life relate on so many levels.  Now… how will you move next depends on what you truly want and how serious you are about having it!  Good luck! xoxo Dana


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  1. eli

    what if i live in the studio apartment, and only have one room which is my guest room and bedroom, i sleep on the sofa which is like a book opens up. what for a girl to do ? 🙂


    • danaclaudat

      Maybe you can set up the place to be as spacious and open and texture-filled as possible and put that sofa-bed in the best place to sleep. And realize that although unusual it can work!!!


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