Confidence, Communication & The Color Blue!

Jul 12, 2012 | Home Style

Today’s color musing is all about deep, resonant blues and the powerful effect that blue can have upon your self-esteem, your sense of emotional self-reflection and your ability to communicate!

Blue in feng shui is the color that is identified with the element of water.  Water is the start in the feng shui element cycle and it incites new beginnings, it replenishes and it feeds the creative power of wood.

If we look at blue from the perspective of your body energy, blue is the color of your throat chakra. you can see it on the diagram above.  Suppressing emotions, not speaking your truth and over-expressing yourself all cause inbalances in this area of your body energetically.

Let me tell you, this is very true in my experience.  I lost my voice due to over-exertion last week and suddenly everything blue- from new blue bottle of shampoo to deep blue dresses to blue markers- were leaping out at me everywhere.  The more blue I pulled into my life, the more cal kmand quiet I became and…suddenly… my voice along with the underlying reasons for losing my voice began to resolve and heal.

Blue in color theory is the color of confidence.  It has been shown to be able to lower your pulse and even cool your body a bit.

I am a big advocate of trying out some royal blues and resonant shades of blue in offices & creative gathering spaces to create a calm but percolating environment and incite more confidence and self-expression.

The best thing about it?  Rich blue is mysterious and gorgeous. One work of caution— too much blue can “make you blue” as in sad, so use it in nice dollops and enjoy its strength! Oh, and if you use blue in dining rooms they can make your food unappetizing/ suppress your appetite.  Kitchens, too.  As great as it is to eat wisely, those rooms were meant to enjoy food in!    xoxo Dana



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  1. Alexis

    Need to get some blue in my life STAT!

  2. Lane

    Thank you the this simple reminder. I sometimes get overwhelmed and forget the basics. Going for blue now…. Thank you!

  3. James

    Is light blue (sky blue) a good colour for a bedroom?

    • danaclaudat

      Men tend to love blue. And yes, its a fine bedroom color, but warm up the rest of the room (wood, earth and some fire for sure) so it isn’t a “cold” bedroom.



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