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Jul 14, 2012 | Creativity

trash can planters

This week’s Instagram is all about renewing a sense of love…be if for your city, for nature, for creativity or, most importantly, for yourself! A rainbow row of trash cans turned into lush planters at the beach super-early on morning this week started me thinking about just how much alchemy there is in life, and how its all based on choice.  Choose love and you will feel and be it. Maybe not that simple, but let’s get inspired toward it…!

coras cafe

Like I mentioned, I had a super-early breakfast on the beach with my friend & mega-wellness curator/purveyor Jason Wachob who founded Mind Body Green, the greatest wellness destination online.  It was so refreshing to be out at the beach so early, and having such a great breakfast all at once!

Dana Claudat

He took this pic of me at Cora’s in Santa Monica so we can all see what I look like at 7:30 am!

the power of words

I saw a guy at the Coffee Bean carying this book clutched tghtly to him.  I asked to take a photo and he got very upset but them quickly changed his mind.  Needless to say, its funny that a book called The Power Of Words is totally out of focus, but so am I before I have green tea every day! It was a strong color, this book, and this week was very strong.


I went to Palihotel to visit my friend and, incidentally, rock star sex & intimacy expert Kim Anami while she visited town and I was so taken by this illuminated arrow; it totally sets your direction without question… So maybe we should light up our own personal paths that definitively, you know?


Kim & I went to Cafe Gratitude for a little take-out to eat at my pool.  I do so dig this graphic, I don’t know why, but I do…Love, love, love.

love me

The walls of Los Angeles were echoing love as I drove down the streets.

And as I get ready to run off to the spa I can’t resisit adding this latest snapshot from the dentist’s waiting room.  I have always despised these “electronic fish tanks” that play on plasma screen TVs until right now .  This one really won me over.  Motion that is random can help break you out of automatic patterns of thought and free the energy in your body, mind & heart.

Enjoy the week! And hit me up on Instagram @thetaoofdana so I can follow you back and watch your life unfold in pictures! xoxo Dana


  1. Thomas Lynn Pool

    Hi Dana, I’d love to have breakfast with you on the beach!
    Here is a link to the lamp I’m working on. I already have several orders and my roommate is friends with the buyer for Bloomingdale’s (which also owns Macy’s now)

  2. Katelynn Casey

    I love this! You are so inspiring. Just wanted to drop in and say I am still following and loving often! THANK YOU for sharing your light with us, Dana! X


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