Communicate With Nature: A DIY Roundup Of Nature Inspired Art Projects

Jul 17, 2012 | Creativity


Nature will always be the core of creativity, so I thought it would be fun to pull together some of the best nature-based DIY art projects for a round-up of creative  juju that runs close to the cycles of the Earth. Get ready to start making fun stuff!  

These hammered flower artworks from An Elephant A Day have inspired an idea for wallpaper I am going to try in my next place, for sure!  You can create a masterpiece with hammered flowers, and on watercolor paper the effects are even more vivid!

Easter eggs are not just for Easter.  There is a tremendous wow-factor in serving naturally dyed eggs at a brunch or picnic or even as a groovy snack with afternoon cocktails a la Balthazar in NYC (though they don’t dye theirs)… Cafe Chocolada has a vibrant how-to that will get you boiling up some loveliness in no time!

Wreaths are not just for the Holidays.  A crafty wreath of wood like this one from Shabby Love can create a spirit of welcome year-round…

Now, if you have kids… or a love of crafty goodness.. you can mix up a batch of your own watercolor paints from ingredients in your kitchen.  This how-to from The Junk Wave will teach you to make your own custom paint effortlessly.  Incidentally, adults as well as kids can benefit from the process of making paint, understanding more of what components create color and artistic mediums is an expansive exercise.

And there’s nothing that can beat making something useful for your house from branches in your yard. These candle holders are both rustic and beautiful, and bring a sense of wood and nature, ultra-creative and conversation-inspiring, quite simply.   

If you try one of these, send me a pic! I wil lbe hammering flowers later this week & I will show you what I come up with!  xoxo Dana



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