Fast Feng Shui Tip Of The Day : Make Your Bed

Jul 18, 2012 | Home Style

It may seem like its not a real feng shui tip, but making your bed is critical to having a solid start to the day. While shaking a comforter and pulling the sheets up in some semblance of order may seem like “making the bed”, what I am suggesting is that you take the time- perhaps three minutes, at most- to smooth down your sheets, tuck the corners properly on your bed, fluff your pillows and really “dress” your bed. No matter where your bedroom is in your home, or where your bed is in your bedroom, this ritual will create a greater sense of pride and even self-esteem. Someone once told me that the fastest cure for depression was making your bed every day. Well, I say, its a big step on the right track.

Bonus tip: Spray your sheets with a tiny bit of aromatherapy linen spray (a few drops of lavender or ylang ylang in a small spray bottle of distilled (or boiled then fully cooled) water) before you make your bed to really refresh the energy of the bedroom from last night’s rest.


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