This Is Not Ikea : This IS The Coolest Vintage Furniture Store!

Jul 20, 2012 | Home Style

When I first moved to my present Deco building I scoured the city for appropriate furnishings, and by scoured I mean went to every possible bizarre and arcane place I could find . Then, in an intense search for vintage lamps, I landed on a giant shoppe just a few miles from my home that was a Mecca of brilliant found furnishings, vintage art and artifacts: THIS IS NOT IKEA.  Recently, as I drove by and realized that HGTV had more than caught on to this place (POP SHOP on HGTV featured TINI’s owners) and it seemed to have grown (though that may have just been my perception?)…I loved it still! 

Find some truly vintage ephemera to time-travel.

Layer textures like this flag to create a strong vertical line of energy beside a special chair.

Objects like globes are real-life, tangible reminders of the size of the universe and all their is to see beyond our brains.

Vintage toys took me back to much simpler days. Whoever re-releases Lite Brite will make a fortune, I swear!

Any office can benefit from less oppressively commercial & more spirited lighting.

Just in case you were looking for a bar, there’s a bar you can buy…

And this record player makes me want to hear lots and lots of music!

If you are in LA, run by This Is Not Ikea on Fairfax & 6th and get lost in the massive rooms.  You will  find something exceptional for your home and your life.  Outside of LA, you can browse online!  Have fun! xoxo Dana


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