My Pinterest Board Of The Week Features DIY Goodies To Spruce Up Your House!

Jul 23, 2012 | Creativity


Because I am such an avid pinner on Pinterest I thought it would only be fitting to showcase some of the best stuff I have found from some of my most favorite pinners, and I am on quite a DIY streak these days.  This week I was bowled over by Katalin Eisenberg’s  DIY (and tutorial) pinboard!  Check out some of the DIY things to do like the gorgeous wall featured on Design Sponge that is made from copying a triangle stencil all over a wall and then hand-painting the sections like a paint-by-number… and much, much more! From cleaning your microwave to lighting up your bathroom with aromatherapy, Katalin’s pinned home improvement ideas absolutely rock!

 Nothing is quite as cool to me at creatying a natural spa in your bathroom.  Eucalyptus bunches hung with twine near the shower infuse the whole room with aromatic bliss.  Of course this gen of an idea comes from Martha Stewart on Whole Living. 

Before you hang that eucalyptus, be sure to scrub your tub & time well!  This trick from Re-Nest is an eye-popper:  Liberally salting a grapefruit, it becomes the best tub & tile cleaner you could ask for!

 I am a sucker for a textured piece of lighting or furniture.  This fabric lamp shade from Pursewna requires nothing more than your ability to shred scraps of fabric and make knots.  Guess who will be shredding up some too-old-to-wear vintage t-shirts this week to cover an antique lamp?!

In the kitchen, there are all sorts of DIY garden tips, but none seemed as ingenious today as the scallion-growing trick from Homemade Serenity.

 A filthy microwave is really bad feng shui!   I stay away from microwaves in general, though for practicalk purposes I understand if you have one in your house.  Practically Functional will show you how to completely clean your microwave in 2 minutes, minus all chemicals!

One last one for the kitchen, all those mismatched silverware bits can become eleganly new when dunked in a can of enamel paint.

This pegboard art from HIS & HERS is only one among the mass of pegboard projects that fly around Pinterest, and its a good & graphic one at that!

And, if you have a favorite pinner or pinboard on Pinterest, let me know below! xoxo Dana


  1. Artist

    I’m a synesthesia painter, synesthesia means that I see colors when I hear words. Recently I started to paint words like “Partner” or “Being Me” and discovered through comments that my synesthesia paintings create the energy of the word. A feng shui expert confirmed that my synesthesia paintings can be used as feng shui symbol placement. What do you think about hanging a synesthesia painting in a bagua section that you wish to improve?

    • danaclaudat

      That is awesome & a great idea! I am actually goingto do more posts on synesthesia soon!!! xoxo Dana

  2. Brandon K

    As painters and handymen we’re are often approached by customers asking us for home improvement and painting tips. This post is spot on and very informative! -Thanks


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