Fast Feng Shui Tip Of The Day: Hide Your Wires!

Jul 24, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

francois morrellet at marc mueller

(francois morellet @ mark mueller)

Our modern world is complicated enough that we shuldn’t welcome in any more confusion, right?


Which is why the fast feng shui tip of the day is all about eliminating a source of confusion and electrical flow problems that can mirror problems and confusion in your life:

Put away your random wires and you will have a massively less confused space.  Plus your mind will be more clear.

Visible wires can be taped with electrical tape (I have used duct tape; do so at your own risk!), gathered with twist ties and even aggregated into sleek wire covers you can find easily online.

An extra special tip: you can get pipe insulation quite inexpensively at a hardware store and instead of slipping the soft tube around your pipes, you can encase a bunch of unsightly wires.

The only appropriate place for wires to run free is in their intentional draping in art, like in this Francois Morellet.

Put away your wire mess and I guarantee your home, office and life will look and feel better!

xoxo Dana



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xoxo Dana


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