Six Feng Shui Ways To Get Through A Crisis Sucessfully!

Jul 24, 2012 | Prosperity

When you are under the gun for whatever reason, the impetus might be to freak out, complain to everyone you know, get super-panicked or dream up worst case scenarios.  This negative sinkhole of thought is almost automatic, in response to all the adrenaline that a crisis time pumps into our bloodstream.   Here are six ways to turn a crisis into a major success…and maybe even an opportunity to truly thrive!


Feng Shui For Crisis Times 

1.  Stop doing whatever it is you do all day and literally throw yourself into solution mode.  All of the fun hobbies, dates, social events and anything else that does not pertain to the matter at hand needs to get quiet for a bit in order to truly focus.  In this mode of focus, start dumping all the trash in your space to get even more clarity.  Clean out your email inbox. get every random paper off your desk if you are having a work or money meltdown, every old item out of your medicine cabinet if you are getting sick, every extraneous bit of junk from your bedroom if your relationship is crashing.  You see what I mean, clean and focused.   

2. Get clear on how to solve the immediate problem.  If you are jobless and running out of cash, finding your dream career is not the only solution to your problem; immediate ways to make some cash while you find that job are also valid ways to get out of trouble.  If you are in a relationship crisis, creating a seperation of space temporarily might be a way to handle the immediate issue on non-stop fighting to diffuse the situation, rather than thinking you need to fix the entire relationship overnight in order to have it fixed.  Once you are clear on your steps, write out what you need so your brain has something to fix on, rather than becoming overwhemed.  Write it in red pen if you can, or stick it on a red board or surround your goal with red in some symbolic way.  RED = ATTENTION. 


 3.  Take care of that immediate item on your to-do list that will pull you out of a crisis, and make that the focal point of your life until it is done. While doing so, keep the circulation of air flowing around you.  Circulating air= motion and fresh energy. 

4. Figure out how you got in such a crisis to begin with, and if there are obvious signs of how you helped things along, root those habits and idea out of your life.  This is not a process of self-blame, but, rather, a way to create a more solid foundation for the future.  If you were partying too much rather than sleeping and wound up very sick, its fairly obvious what part of your life needs a big adjustment.  If you have been taking care of others rather than yourself, and suddenly your personal projects are collapsing, you know who needs to be #1 in the future!  Spend more time outdoors, especially barefoot or on sand in the summer, to get more in tune with nature’s rhythms and out of your own habit-driven mind.

  5. Now that you have more of a foothold on your situation, really move to straighten out both the rest of the crisis if there is more to handle (ie, you still have to get that dream job, but you have a temporary gig; you still need to get healthier but you got over that bad flu).  This is a killer time to do some serious organization. If you finances are a wreck, its time to get them truly straight and organized.  If your health is a problem, could a nutritionist give you organized guidelines and meal plans?  Could you design a do-able exercise plan and stick to it?

6.  Get busy!  If you have really done the above, you can now get more into work and less into panic mode.  You can be super-productive and more confident, now that you understand that crisis did not “just happen”…we helped it happen by what we did or did not do in certain situations.  Now, get busy.  In your home, get really fixated on abundance.  In times of mass production, a thing as simple and comforting as a full fridge or a bunch of flowers can make the difference between being focused on abundance or fixated on a lack.  Start being really productive in your new activities, congratulate yourself on all your good work, and keep going! 

xoxo Dana

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