Your Attitude = Your Destiny!

Jul 24, 2012 | Creativity

Attitude Check:  Although I am not one to promote a religious evangelist of any type, this quote from Charles Swindoll should be given out to every child in every school in the world…daily! I have watched people get totally plowed down by really hard times in their lives, and I have watched people become tremendous insurgents when they are fighting major opposition.  Think about it: if we can telepathically read what people are thinking, or feel their energy on any level (and we can, whether you are aware of it yet or not) that attitude you exude will either inspire others to join your team or push people away, you know?   I am not suggesting you become a weird person with no reaction to life but a fake smile and a bunch of motivational quotes spewing from your mouth.  What I am recommending is that you realize where you are at and decide to find solutions to problems, answers to questions and relief from emotional stresses.  If you focus on solutions, they do appear!  xoxo Dana


  1. Jia Ni

    This is awesome Dana!! Love your typography as always! xoxo

  2. Elizabeth Holder

    I used to hand out this Charles Swindoll quote to my high school students each year at the beginning of our time together. If a person listens and internalizes this lesson, how much easier and more meaningful would life be!

    • danaclaudat

      yes!!!!!!!!!! how cool of a teacher are you!? thats amazing!!!


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