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Jul 25, 2012 | Food-Shui

I have come across a handfull of really excellent ways to food shui your life a bit more- adding real food, better waters, more vitamins and more vitality to your world. 

Here are some super-healthy links I love:

The Yummy Life has an amazing post on DIY vitamin waters (pictured above)

Comfy Belly has the simplest Grilled Peaches With Yogurt And Honey.  You’ll probably only need the honey if your yogurt is really tart, since grilled peaches are decadently sweet.

Sexy Food Therapy is filled with talk of dating, sex & super-healthy eating. I love this post about outlining a recipie for zucchini pancakes and a discussion about the type of mate you are attracted to…!

Oh, Gardenista has the most gorgeous post about making Rose Petal Honey…and I am making my own this season, indeed.  This is so beautiful, so delicious and luxurious…and it couldn’t be easier! 

And did you know that lots of us have a buildup of heavy metals in our bodies? No, seriously.  Its a weird thought, but its true. Wellness Warrior Jessica Ainscough has a great post on the green superfood she takes to detox heavy metals.

Enjoy the link love! I’m off to grab zucchini and organic rose petals for later! xoxo Dana


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