Instagramming Rocks & Rejuvenation!

Jul 30, 2012 | Uncategorized

homemade lemonade

This week’s Instagram is heavy on the rocks and stones, and vibrant with foodie spa goodies, too!  I am always astonished that each week has an unconscious color pallette; this one has a vintage golden overtone, very buttery and nourishing like the lavender infused homemade lemonade I made on Saturday…


I finally saw the big rock sculpture at LACMA that people are talking about.  Hm. Until I stand, rather than just drive, beside it I will reserve my judjement…

mango ice cream

Made some homemade mango coconut milk ice cream on Saturday and ate nearly the whole quart in a lapse of good judgement that I do not regret!  You can sub frozen mango in THIS recipie to whip up a batch in about 4 minutes prep time!

feng shui spa

I orchestrated a pool spa feng shui day in my backyard in an article for a blog that I just love… I will let you know when it’s published, but this is some of my crystal-book-hair oil- aromatherapy gear!


Basil balsamic vinegarette on strawberies= amazing!


And yes, I put crystals all over me and around me and let them charge up with the energy of the sun. And yes, I had to pull them off of my actual body because I was covered in spots!  🙂

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