My Art Obsession : Piotr Uklanski

Jul 31, 2012 | Life With Art

The texture, composure and imagery of Piotr Uklanski’s art blow my mind!  His works on paper, in yarn, felt, pottery and cement, paint and photographs are so evocative and yet crafty, so complex yet so accessible that you can’t help but be inspired.  When I look at his work I not only want to feel life more deeply, I am moved to actually physically make objects of art to blanket my walls like his crocheted circles and amoebas! Check it out!

Total wow factor in yarn! This piece market the day I realized I could actually HANG crocheted afghans on walls if I wanted to, to literally blanked a wall in protective layers…

A sparkling mosaic of cemented pottery (above) and a fabulous hanging arrangement of pottery below from the Grammercy Park Hotel (below) bring forth an idea: why not collect, curate and hang vintage plates to create a mosaic at home?!

Did you ever melt crayons to make candles as a kid?  I did!  This crayon shaving piece brings me back to that waxy, crackling pile of bits before I melted them on the stove…

I adore the play of moving lights interweaving and captured on film

And, lets face it: who hasn’t dreamt of dancing on a disco-lit-up floor?!  Or…is that just my own private fantasy?  Regardless… this piece astonishes me!

 Hopefully today Piotr Uklanski has entered or ascended on your art vocabulary list; he is one of my absolute favorite artists in a very personally-wired way! Live with art & you will start to see and feel more of the world than words can define; art expands your life! xoxo Dana


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