Feng Shui Q & A: What Am I Doing Wrong That I Can’t Find A Man?

Aug 6, 2012 | Prosperity


You just have to love “love-shui” because it is so ripe with metaphor and so full of symbolism.  This week, a fellow doggie mom in the neighborhood asked, ” What am I doing wrong feng shui wise that I can’t find a man?”

My answer:

 First of all, I asked what was in the far right side of the house from the entrance door. 

That corner, she said, was EMPTY.

Eureka!  That corner- the far right from the entrance door-  represents your relationships and overall love life.  Here it was, sitting totally barren.  As it turned out, it used to be a work table.  Well, that is almost worse than leaving this area barren, filling it with work!

If you find relationships are challenging, unfulfilled or difficult to come by, this area is the first place to look.  You don’t have to fill it with roses to have a relationship.  You could put a big light in this area.  Or a fabulous artwork.  Or… the list goes on and on depending on your home, your needs and wants, your lifestyle… and more.  The important thing is that you can see this area as a place you should not neglect! 

Its worth mentioning that there are about 10 other factors that influence your love life in feng shui terms, but this is a great starting point! Good luck in love!  xoxo Dana


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  1. Jennifer

    Does this work for a room in a shared house? The far right of my room is a CLOSET. Aw. 🙁 I guess I have to organize that thing!

  2. Marjan

    Hi Dana-

    The corner in my living room is o.k. but the one in my bedroom is definitely barren! (SE corner) yet I’ve read you are supposed to fill the SW corner of the bedroom for love. So my 2 questions are:
    1) SE or SW for placing twin objects and lights etc.?
    2) I am trying to kick my dogs out of my bed (probably bad fang shui for when there will be a man in my life) and so if I placed their bed in the empty SE corner am I destined for a love life of dog lady?

    Love your blog, read it religiously 🙂


    • danaclaudat

      Ok, lets see. Directional stuff (north south east west) means very little to me, so can you send me a few snapshots of your place or better yet, draw me a little floorplan and with the major pieces of furniture and windows/doors and show me so I can blog it and see….
      As for the dogs sleeping in bed, you know, many many of the happiest long term married couples I know let their animals sleep in their bed so if you kick out your dogs for now that is fine but I don’t think you’d be happy with a partner that doesn’t adore your dogs (am i right?) so don’t worry if they join you from time to time once Prince Charming arrives!


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