7 Life-Changing Reasons To Eat Breakfast!!!

Aug 9, 2012 | Food-Shui

Food and mood are intimately related.  In fact, food and your entire life are intimately related.  If you do not eat, you will suffer.  I used to say, ” I am just not hungry in the morning, ” and consequently, by about 11:30, I would be getting angry, feeling shaky and attributing both to the “crazy” stuff in the day.  Nope, the reason was that I was not eating breakfast! 

Here is a compelling round up of reasons that you should start eating breakfast TODAY.

1. Breakfast is literally “breaking a fast” from the night before.  If you don’t break the fast, you are still fasting and your body is tapping into reserves- if there are any- to get the work of living done properly. You might be wide awake after that second up of tea, but your organs and true energy are in a massive deficit. Horrible thought, right?  Are your organs starving right now?

2. Skipping breakfast is not a great way to lose weight, because people who eat breakfast tend to eat less calories throughout the day!

3. Without good food in the morning (ie, whole foods, real nutrients that are unprocessed)  you will not focus properly.  You may think you are doing OK right now, but see what happens when you have a proper breakfast! There is a reason that undernourished, sugar-filled children’s meals are creating an epidemic of kids who are on A”DD” medications; the same can be said for adults!

4. Breakfast increases your ability to retain information. Yes, it makes you smarter!  This statistic has been much-tested and can be applied across the boards throughout the day.  If you are studying and not eating you are likely retaining only a small fraction of the information possible to learn!

5. Breakfast-eaters tend to have a lower incidence of diabetes in their lifetimes.

6. You have a better chance of eating an adequate amount of fruit and veggies in a day if you start the day with a meal-full.  Yes, you can have vegetables for breakfast.  If the FDA (who, lets face it, has a low bar set for true health) recommends eating  nearly 5 cups of fruit and veggies a day per person, that means we can do a bit better for ourselves by starting early in the day. 

7. Breakfast is the better lifestyle choice!  Waking up earlier and taking the time to sit down and eat (or drink) a meal is a critical way to get present and focused for the day.  If the day starts with you putting yourself first, you have a head-start on everything in front of you, wide awake and ready for the day. 

Just so you know, I still struggle with breakfast-eating and when I do miss or skimp on breakfast, my world rapidly shrinks, I make mistakes, my moods go crazy and I feel physical stress.  I only realized how panicked I got in the morning when I started eating breakfast and felt immense calm and peace all day!  Eat breakfast. Brainstorm what you CAN eat rather than what you don’t like or can’t be bothered to make…and start building the brilliance of your own perfect food shui! xoxo Dana


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