The One Exercise That Can Set You On The Road To Riches!

Aug 14, 2012 | Prosperity

There are tons of ways to make money, and because we get stuck in patterns of thought and the whirl of life we forget how many options- both passive and active- we have to actually prosper.  Your day job need not be your only paycheck.  Some financial wizards suggest that you should have at least three different ways to make money in the air at all times (and I wholeheartedly agree!) whether you make a lot of cash from them or just a little.  A little money over time becomes a whole lot!

I know what you might be thinking… “I  have a job and I have no time.  But… I  have no other skills.  But… I don’t know what to do. And… its way too hard! And I don’t understand… And I need “xyz” first… And…”

Its time that you made a “100 List”.  I learned this at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, as actors who were having finacial problems were assigned this exercise to get out of their own way and start making money. Just about every time I have tried it, it has made a dramatic difference in my bank account.  Plus, its so easy and actually fun to make this list…so get going!


Take a piece of paper and write out, one by one, a list of 100 ways that you can make money right now.

Some may be obvious, like get a raise at work or get a better job (or a job!) in your field of expertise.  You might become really good at eBay and start selling your friend’s stuff for a percentage profit. You might join affiliate programs you believe in and start building money based on your personal recommendations. You might start an Etsy store, have bake sales or start a passion project as a side business.  You don’t need to be incredibly savvy to come up with at least 20 ways right now to personally profit.  If you get stuck, call friends to brainstorm and do google searches of your interests. I am not suggesting you get involved in hair-brained schemes, but, rather to expand the field of possibility for your pocketbook.

By the time you complete the 100 list, you will have at least 20 things you can act upon immediately.  If you keep flowing out in the direction of the first things that pop to your attention from the list, you will find that one- or three- or more- streams of income that make your life all the more dynamic.

Wit the 100 list, you just might hit upon a huge idea that transforms your career. I have seen it happen to people in the past.  Its just a matter of being willing to spread your wings and put what you need and what out there in the world!

If you have a great way that you have created cash-flow, drop me a line or leave it below.  I love accumulating a piggy bank of great  ideas to share with my clients and with all of you!




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  1. molyna

    dear dana .. nice to read your website … very lucky for me so may you find me more about feng shui ? may feng shui can change life? that for real? may feng shui find very best business for zodiac sign? . hope to good hear from you .thxxxxxxxx

  2. Katie

    I love 100 lists. I made one for any sales or customer service jobs I interview for. I came up with 100 things about myself. Quirky off the wall type things like “I learned to play video poker at 6 years old on my uncles video poker machine.” I am pretty sure that it was the selling point on a few jobs I have had and gets me in the door most places. It’s hard to come up with 100 ideas but you can get reallly creative trying to!! so I am doing it right now! 🙂

    • danaclaudat

      love it! thinking outside of the box is definitely a plus! 🙂


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