Do You Listen To Your Dreams?

Aug 15, 2012 | Creativity

“The dream is a series of images, which are apparently contradictory and nonsensical, but arise in reality from psychologic material which yields a clear meaning.” – Carl Jung

Do you listen to your dreams? You may not remember your dreams lately.  You may be haunted by your dreams.  Your dreams may be recurring and troublesome.  Carl Jung had a sense that your dreams prepare you for the day to come and provide a snapshot, even if it may be puzzling, of your psyche.  In a sense, dreams are a space where the mind releases all its absorbed and stored up energy and information and, perhaps, forms conclusions or shows you more of the truth you can not see when you are awake.

I have been taking Alexis Smart’s flower essences   (read more about them HERE, they are WONDERFUL!) and in the process of taking these potent flower drops my dreams have come to life in technicolor.  Last night, the “big” dream arrived that showed me how far I have come in the last two years.  I was somehow unable to walk at the start of the dream. I looked different. I felt different.  And I found a really strong brace and used it to reinforce my body.  Throughout the night I taught myself to walk again and by the end of the night I heard myself, in my dream, saying that I knew how strong I was and how happy I was that I could stand on my feet again. It was as though the years of personal challenges finally met with resolution. That is what I see in my waking life now… And it was deeply affirmative to see this in a dream!

Given what a big day this is for me in a dream state, I have collected some of the best dream-remembering and dream-decoding advice I could find today for you, should you be thinking that a nose-dive into your subconscious could be enlightening and fulfilling!

Some Tips To Dream Adventurously!

*Go to bed earlier.  If you sleep more and sleep in the restorative hours for your organs (we should all be in bed befpore midnight and preferably by 10 or 11pm) you will find your dreams to be more vivid and easier to recall.

*Before bed, as you drift to sleep, say to yourself, ” Tonight I will remember my dreams.”  This was suggested to me years ago and in times when I wanted to swim in my dream life it has worked really well!

*A journal and a pen on your nightstand are your dream-decoding tools.  If you pour your sleep thoughts onto a page first thing in the morning , you will find yourself remembering more of the dream pictures…and understanding more and more of what and why you are dreaming.

*Shut down electronics and even too much extra stimulation before bed.  What you put in your head will seep into your dream life.  Do you want to dream of the reality shows you are watching on Tivo while you are in bed? Shut down all TV and computers and electric info machines, your phone and pretty much every electronic device before bed.

*Try to understand your dreams for yourself before looking them up in dream dictionaries.  Your thoughts, impressions and emotions always color your dreams. Dream dictionaries like Dream Moods can provide a bit of insight into major symbols that occur in dreams, but it is a highly personal endeavor to understand dreams for yourself.

*A great final suggestion is to draw images from your dreams as you remember them.  You don’t need to be artistic, either, just draw things as you saw and felt them as best you can.  These images often say much more than words, and flipping through pages of images from your dreams you can truly see just how much you have developed in some aspects of your life over time.

Sweet dreams! xoxo Dana



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