Making Your Home (& Your Life!) Stable!

Aug 16, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

In a recent Twitter conversation, I was asked to help someone who has been moving homes frequently to make her home – this one- more stable.    I thought I’d blog you a feng shui few tips today to stabilize your home and your life for a bit!

Lets start this conversation with some hints that your home will not likely be long term: a back wall composed mainly of windows, multiple entranceways that can be confusing and, if renting, you live in a building with frequent turn-over which suggests that the overall structure of the space is either not stable or not maintained. If you own, if the home is never occupied or owned for long, same situation.   That said, no matter how the structure shakes out, we can all benefit from greater stability and grounding.

Some Feng Shui Ways To Feel More Stable:

Add some stone. Stone is Earth and Earth is the foundation of life.  Crystals work, too!

Create a square.  Square seating arrangements and square tables do really well in this regard. Square, simple artwork also does the trick.

Grounding aromatherapy scents.  Cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli pure essential oils are extremely grounding.  Wear them, diffuse them, burn naturally scented candles, take baths in them sparingly= greater energetic stability.

Carpet under your key furniture. The idea is to create a center of gravity and a substantial feeling of ground under foot.

Earth tones work, too!  Note: I like to use earth tones sparingly or in light versions as  they can be dull and depressing in large amounts.

And… spend time outdoors, fix anything broken in your home, keep the walls freshly painted and not scuffed… and…you are on the way!



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