Reader Feng Shui: Setting Up A Bedroom For Love!

Aug 16, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

Sometimes you have questions that are very specific to just one situation, and I often ask for pix to give you a little general feedback- as much as I can without meeting you and analyzing your whole house.  Marjan would like to find love that is lasting- a reasonable request! She wondered if the empty corner in her home or the fact that her dogs like to sleep in bed were contributing factors in the love equation. Here’s what her home tells me & my initial impressions of the feng shui love situation!

Marjan wrote: “Here is a layout of my apt. floor plan along with some photos of the bedroom I was telling you about. I was contemplating putting a full length mirror in that spot but not sure if it’s good to have a mirror facing the bed at an angle. The other thought was to make it the dog’s “bedroom” and place a bed for them so they don’t sleep with me. I’ve tried kicking them out but they are so nice and cuddly that it’s been hard to do. I saw your post about sleeping with dogs and while I would want to be with a man who likes them, I wonder if initially I need to make room for a man by not having them in the bed; after all 2 little toy italian greyhounds can be a tough sell at first ;-).
Anyway, thanks for taking a look and let me know what you see as the problem for not bringing the right man who wants to stick around into my life.”

 My answer: As I glance at the “empty”  Relationship area of the bagua in your bedroom pictured above I am not alarmed.  However, when I look at your floor plan, without actually meeting you, I have a few very strong impressions that I can share with you.

First of all, your bedroom is in the Self-empowerment/Prosperity area of your home overall.  Does this mean you will not find love? Nope.  It means that you are more likely to pour most of your attention into your career or your personal development in a sense and that men you meet are more likely to be related to your business or engaged in what you do.  This can be challenging for people at times.  Also, very strong career women (and I am not sure if you are) have the challenge of dropping their go-getter ambition and calming down to be receptive to love.  This is the wisdom of famed psychologist and relationship expert Pat Allen.  You may dig her books, especially “Getting To I Do”!

Ok, now to your bed placement, which is much more revealing than an “empty” corner in your home.  Your headboard is in the area that suggests that the men in your life are more buddies, friends or transitory.  Its the area that deals with a sense of community, and you may even meet men who feel more like family than lovers. 

Although I know your other wall appears to be a wall of windows, and it is “bad feng shui” to put your bed in front of windows, with some sheer curtains and the solid headboard you have, I would flip your bed so that it was centered along that wall for a spell and see how that feels.  You will be in a solid position of Future. I did this for a friend and her relationship is flourishing where it was failing.

So, I am not too worried about your empty corner and I do love your aesthetic and your gorgeous fur babies!  I’d also, FYI, move your armoire to where the bed is presently and put very big art on the entrance wall.  Again, these are my initial impressions, not a full feng shui consulation, but they are where things leap out at me first! 

Let me know what you think and how it goes!  xxx Dana


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana


  1. Selina

    Dana, what would you do if you had wall vertically splitting the health box on the bagua? Should I decorate both sides of the wall? How would you approach this?
    Thank you for any feedback!

    • danaclaudat

      What is in the wall? Excessive wiring, plumbing… Is it closet space… or just a dividing wall? We all have rooms and walls that fall throughout our home. What two rooms are divided by this wall & how well-concieved are those rooms? Those are the questions I would ask to answer your question! 🙂

  2. marjan

    Dana you are amazing!!
    Thank you for this in depth analysis-you are totally spot on about being a go getter woman and calming down enough for a relationship (I am totally working on that). Would it be ok if I didn’t have the sheer curtains but just rolled down the blinds?
    Also, when you say put big art on the entry wall do you mean where I would be placing the armoire or the wall where it is currently placed?

    I am a big feng shui believer and the fact that your analysis is spot on without us ever having met, confirms my beliefs even more.

    You’re the best! 🙂

  3. Selina

    Its a dividing wall that divides the living room/dining area and our bedroom. We haven’t moved in yet! We move in Sept. 1st, hence my tweet to you earlier about things to do to an empty apartment before move in date 🙂 I drew out a floor plan and realized that there’s a wall that goes vertically across the “health” area of the bagua as well as “accomplishments, fame and power”. Maybe a picture of the place would help. At first I was just going base the bagua from room to room, but noticed you made a suggestion to Marjan based on the bagua as a whole to her apartment. I’m all so excited about this feng shui stuff in your website! Any suggestions would be helpful! 🙂 Thank you so much Dana!

  4. Marcy

    Hi Dana,

    Great article. This advice is really helpful. I’m wondering if I can present a similar situation. Our bedroom is in the same corner of the house, with the bed in the same location (and the entrance to the bedroom in the same place). There is a bathroom on the wall where the entrance is and another bathroom on the opposite wall (plus a closet). So there is no room along the wall you mentioned for Marjan because of the 2 doors. Where do you suggest is the best place for our bed? Something to build strong commitment, passion, and a healthy relationship.

    Thank you so much!


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