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Aug 20, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

You all know I am the biggest advocate in the world of making a place beautiful, and if you feel like you are stuck creatively, emotionally, energetically, financially… you need to shake up your space.  Your space is the container within which you exist.  Do the best you can with your space and it will feed your life.  Feng shui my way is not a magical theory, or woo woo superstition— it is powerful, science-based and radically chic life-balancing, energy-generating goodness!

Today I got a note from a reader named Libby that was so amazing, I am sharing it with you:

” A few months ago, after reading your post about bedrooms, I moved my bed out of the corner of my room and into the middle. Prior to that I had been having a horrible pain in my wrist that I thought was going to require surgery. After relocating the bed, the pain vanished within 24 hours. Incredible! Needless to say, I’m a fan.”  (Wow! Wow! Wow!)

Than you Libby!  And thank you – all of you- for saying yes to making positive changes in your life!  Ask me feng shui questions, send me photos… and as I am gearing up to do a series of free teleseminars (!!!), please drop me a line to tell me what you want to hear about and learn. My mission is to help each and every one of you in small and big ways to become more empowered, creative and living in beauty.

& if you want more free goodies, join my extra-special list right HERE.  Although I will never bombard you with emails, I promise to send you powerful and very cool ideas and tips and gifts that you can use to create and maintain a happier, healthier, stronger & more stable life!  xoxo Dana

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  1. Selina

    Hi Dana! So I’m moving into new place Sept. 1st. So far I have gone there with my mother and we literally gave the floors in the new apartment a sponge bath! The following day my husband and I washed down all the cabinets in kitchen, cleaned bathtub and wiped down the closet spaces. I also cleaned out the window sills and windows. I think we are all set to start moving in! Is there anything else you think we can do? Also, where can I send you a picture!? I’d love to see what you think.


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