Healthy Habit Of The Week: Wheatgrass Shots!

Aug 20, 2012 | Food-Shui

wheatgrass juice

If you are looking for a simple way to make a nutritional and energetic change in your routine, wheatgrass shots could be the perfect addition to your life! Today I have many many reasons for you to give juice wheatgrass a shot…

Wheatgrass juice helps your blood to detoxify.  It is about 70% cholophyll and, as such, it is a by-product of the energy of pure sunlight making it a hyper-energetic addition to your diet.  It is relatively inexpensive (a dollar or two a day at most juice bars) and can help you stabalize your blood sugar.  Dr. Ann Wigmore, the champion of wheatgrass magic, has used the juice to treat a spectrum of serious illnesses.  It can help with skin disorders and can improve your digestion.  Oh, and it has practically no side-effects.

Just a shot a day – 1 ounce- can add so much life force to your day.  A I write this I just made a plan to go get juice and a shot of this green goodness today, right now!  Its also soooo good for animals that soon my puppy Bob will be getting a few licks of wheatgrass juice a day!

Total food shui!


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  1. Jamie

    Love the idea…..very much! But help a girl out….how does one obtain this or do we make it? Point me in the right direction please. And thank you for what you do!

    • danaclaudat

      You can be as simple as Jamba Juice in the USA to get wheatgrass juice, but I prefer and recommend organic stuff from a juice bar or a healthfood store. If you want to be fancy and commit to the habit, you can easily grow trays of wheatgrass and get your own mega-juicer, or a more simple one like THIS one that I’m going to invest in as soon as I move to my new place where I can grow bigger plots of grass! 🙂 xxx Dana


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