Feng Shui Q & A: Your Career & Your Home!

Aug 23, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

A reader asked this very interesting feng shui question about her professional life:
“There are so many varied baguas out there that I’m not sure which to follow. Specifically, I’m making over my career sector right now because my life is seriously lacking in that area. Some baguas say dark blue, others say dark blue, black, or gray are best for that space. Since this area is so lacking for me, I really want to make it as effective as possible! I have a sliding mirror in that sector that I’m gonna be covering up with a curtain; I found a really pretty medium grayish blue that I really love but I’m thinking maybe I should find one darker?”

My answer:

Your career area is not the only area of your home that relates to your career.  This area, located along the same wall as the entrance door, centrally along that wall, is related to how you see your self in your career or your endeavors related to personal achievement.  While it seems that if you don’t have a stellar career that this area is weak in your home, there are more factors to consider.  For example, if your career is suffering because of your confidence, you would best be served working on the “self-empowerment/prosperity” area of your home as well.  If you are lacking clients for your business, the “helpful people”area may need attention.  I don’t believe that its ever just a simple “this problem means fix this corner” answer, as our lives are multidimensional and integrated.

That said, you feel that area of your home- the career/self area- could use a makeover.  Absolutely make it over!  Your focus on color and the bagua is a great consideration, but color, again, is a personal situation. The bagua above is just a sketch and the colors are not “bagua specific” because its not the focus of how I work.  That said… If you are in need of focus, grey or white are great colors for focus for many people. If you need to enhance confidence and start new projects, blue is typically a great color.  You have to resonate personally with your color choices. Because you want this area to be “as effective as possible” I would start with the premise of this question: WHAT DO YOU EQUATE WITH A EFFECTIVE CAREER? Sharpen the focus of this area of your home.  Less is more. Don’t store trash there. Make sure there is lots of light.  Choose colors that give you energy and relate to you as you see your career. 

I suppose this is a long and more detailed way of saying that there is no need to be hung up on just one area of the idea that you can make major mistakes by not selecting a bagua color or perfectly crafting one space in your house.  Try the 12-Minute Home Energy Makeover to start and see from there how you feel, then get into your career (as well as your whole home) design of your dream life! xoxo Dana


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana


  1. S

    This was my question! Thanks so much!

  2. Priti

    Thank for sharing such an interesting post, am gonna use a purple color for my home. 🙂

  3. Sisa

    What if your career sector in your bedroom is your closet? How do you make it auspicious? I live with flatmates and the flat’s career sector is a wall to wall book case where they put their shoes. I have about 3 slots on the bookcase which i have fill my own books. But pretty much they filled it with stuff they havent touched the whole year since i moved in, that is aside from the loads of shoes. Does this need a cure? Should i stick a crystal in there somewhere?

    • danaclaudat

      Art on the walls? This is a situation that could potentially be helped by a strategically placed mirror to send energy away from the bookcase, but it’s too hard for me to say for sure without analyzing your space….xx Dana

  4. Sisa

    By the way, i really enjoy your articles. Thank you!



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