Home Detox: Clean The Air With Boston Ferns

Aug 24, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

You can never underestimate the number of chemicals in the environment or your need to clean the air around you!

Chemicals abound. The new pressed-board cabinets you have, your favorite shampoo, Brazilian blowout and even home air freshener may be loaded with formaldehyde.  It can be in the air, seeping from your walls because of your construction, in your carpeting and more. 

Benzene, another powerful carcinogenic chemical, is frequently found in detergents, pesticides, glues, paints and dyes.  

What to do? Load up on FERNS!  Boston Ferns are a trick to take care of, but if you can master their care, one fern per 100-200 sq feet depending on their size, can eat up tons of environmental pollution.  If you are an artist with a home studio, this is vital.  If you are a person who lives on this planet, this is also essential! Ferns are one of the biggest eaters of formaldehyde in the plant kingdom, so its worth learning to grow them!

Boston ferns like some sun but not too much, they like to be misted and sprayed down frequently, they love humidity and they should always have water.  I have read tricks about keeping the drip tray of their pot frequently full and feeding them with organic plant food often to help them to thrive.  Once you master fern care, you are on your way to a home less toxic.  If you fear your green thumb isn’t green enough yet for ferns, Clean Air Gardening has tons of information and tips to select other plants determined by NASA to be powerful air purifiers right HERE. Just be careful if you have pets- lots on the list are toxic to dogs and/or cats!   xoxo Dana


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  1. Jamie English

    I’ve thought about this but feel like it is harmful to the plants. Am I nutty or what? I need to work on my green thumb and get me some ferns!

    • danaclaudat

      I will admit I have killed a few ferns in the past but i now know how to do it! practice for each environment makes perfect! 🙂


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