Fast Feng Shui : Dust Your House!

Aug 25, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

Dusting is a relatively simple task that can lift the energy of your home tremendously. Not only will dusting help to amplify the metal energy of your home, increasing your focus and ability to think and analyze clearly, but dist can actually clear unwanted people and energy out of your space. I know that sounds really weird, but here are a few things about dusting you should know…!  

There are two interesting facts about dust and the bugs that live in it that will motivate you, for sure, to grab a microfiber towel and get to work: 1. nearly 100,000 dust mites can live in a square yard of carpet and up to a million in your mattress… all of which get stirred up every time you move through your home 2. we shed about a million skin cells a piece every day that become dust and feed those mites.

Remember when I said you can clear unwanted people out of your space?  Literally, by dusting you wipe particles of them out of your life. The crazy neighbor who stormed in, the unwanted guest, the ex-lover…start dusting!

A few tips about dusting: always use a slightly damp cloth to dust as it traps mites most effectively and invest in a microfiber towel that is washable so that you can lay off on the chemical dusting sprays and still get your surfaces shiny!


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