Healthy Habit Of The Week: Embrace Your Floss!

Aug 27, 2012 | The Beautiful

I once, quite a long time ago, read this very interesting and seemingly outrageous headline in a newspaper health section that flossing your teeth will extend your life by many years and even though I happen to love dental floss I thought it was one of those weird facts that has very little credible backing except maybe one small study.  However, over the years I have seen some very compelling facts crop up that might change the way you feel about the tedious chore of flossing.Gum disease can create total-body inflammation that is a culprit in just about every major disease, and flossing dramatically reduces the chances of experiencing gum disease. Flossing can be preventative in the fight against heart disease and strokes!  Oh, yes, and flossing can keep cavities and rotting, icky teeth at bay!

You should floss once or twice a day (at least) and do it gently (you don’t need to saw into your gums!) Always use a fresh section of floss for each tooth…and let it massage your gums and “around” the gum line of each tooth.  Per my genius dentist, it should take some time- 2 or 3 minutes- to floss properly.  And, the dividends are huge.  So, if you are a lazy flosser, now is your time to take on a tiny new healthy habit that can can do so much for your whole life over the long haul! 🙂 


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