Live A More Exciting Life By Clearing The Air Of Entanglements!

Aug 28, 2012 | Creativity

That saying “I can feel it in the air” is a real feeling. Today it felt like a great day to discuss a bit of what it means to clear the air energetically and how these ideas and waves of information floating in the air can obscure your crystal clear vision, motion and experience of life.  Minimizing your own personal haze is the objective and Chiharu Shiota, one of my favorite artists, serves as the visual inspiration for our little chat!

If you stop and think about it, the signal to your cell phone as you have a conversation is zooming through the air to your phone.  The music coming from your radio is also zooming in the air.  Waves from just about every direction fly through the air at nearly undetectable speeds, though the sensitive amongst us can detect them. 

The idea that you can sense danger or “feel like something great” is about to happen is another form of the same feeling in the air.  Your space can be utterly littered with feeling from other people nearby or living in your home.  Did you ever have a crazy neighbor and suddenly your home itself started to feel crazy , unsafe or unstable?

Given that we can’t shut off our world of waves, it has become more important than ever to become grounded, present and connected to our own space in an unshakable fashion. I have blogged some grounding exercises in the past.  Even spending more time actually immersed in nature (no cell phones, trees and earth minimizing waves) can do the trick, though we all do not have that luxury.

In your home, make sure you unplug electronics when you are not using them, and, at a minimum, use a surge protector for your major appliances and keep the wires neatly organized and out of site.  Dump “bad memory” clutter that is looming in your home. Spray aromatherapy or diffuse some oils to create a space with air impregnated with goodness! 

In your life, even when you are sleeping you are encompassed with waves of thought and information.  Remove big electronics from your bedroom, or unplug them as often as you can, albeit impractical.

And, lastly, and most important of all to your overall well being, if you are living with people with lots of static (the bad roommate, etc, etc) take steps to help them, to more clearly define your personal space or to move into your own space if that is not possible. If you carry your own static burden of troubles(as we all do at times), seek professional help as needed and creative outlets as you are inspired to unwind your own entanglements.  No matter where you go this stuff will be with you unless you find peace with it and shake out the cobwebs.  xoxo Dana


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