Feng Shui Q & A: A Cure For Laziness?

Aug 30, 2012 | Creativity

A reader sent me the following question in a Tumblr note and I loved it and had to share it! “I find my biggest struggle through the day is battling laziness. I’m currently in the beginning stages of a project that could be life changing for me, it’s actually what the last 10 years of my life has been building towards, however I still find that I struggle past laziness to get my work done. It’s an energy I want to remove from my life. Are there any colors or objects I can put in rooms to help quell sloth?”

My answer:

Here’s the thing.  We can “motivate” your environment but it sounds like your energy deficit is a product of either mental or emotional or physical clutter mixed in with some internal obstacles that are likely displayed in your environment, too.

Mental clutter: I would take a look at your habits closely. What are you doing all day that is preventing stuff from getting done? This will give you a good clue as to the mental-type obstacles that are cluttering up your space. What thoughts, people and/or distractions are taking you away from your task at hand.

Physical clutter: Next, dump all your junk. Old papers, old stuff, take the trash out daily… Really clean up.

Get clear on the game plan: Now, what is it that you are aiming for? How does it feel to have that mission accomplished?  And, a better question… what is your next project when this one is over? Often we can’t seem to finish something because we don’t know what comes next.  So, dragging it out is a little game we play with ourselves because we have no future plans in mind that are exciting. Create a future plan on paper.  Break your big projects into steps and see that those steps get done, and focus on each step every day rather than the big-picture.

Check your physical strength: Then, look at how you are eating and sleeping.  Dump the processed sugar, extra carbs and crazy amounts of caffeine.  Drink more water.  Try going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. Acknowledge your progress, keep your space clear and keep showing up for yourself.

Some extra feng shui: Make sure your workspace has good circulation, bright light and be sure that it is not too hot. Try adding exciting patterns and/or colors that are captivating to you (fire elemt works well for many- reds, oranges, purples, too).

Now… The magic:  that magic is what you bring to the day every time you arrive!



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  1. tova

    Who/where is this glitter art from?

    Thanks for all the good advice Dana!


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