Center Yourself: The All-Important Coffee Table!

Aug 31, 2012 | Home Style

Every so often I get an itch to look at a particular piece of furniture. Today, its the coffee table.  A well-done coffee table centers a gathering area, or deliberately pulls attention to a certain part of that space for a reason.  I often find that the style of a coffee table suggests a bit about the individual creating the social space within which it resides, and I thought it would be fun to look at how some rooms get “centered” by their groovy coffee tables.

Above is the macro-example of a coffee table.  It veritably screams for attention and it adds a great deal of energy and focus to this otherwise conservative room.  My only issue here is that this magnificient showpiece has such searingly sharp angles that it could easily repel rather than welcome people actually into the space. 

 Now, check out the effect of a lucite, slightly-more-rounded-edge table.  What a beauty!  The trick here is to have a bit of personally riveting stuff (fresh flowers? books? art?) atop this table to give it “weight” so that it can fuction to create gravity and focus.

Ottomans are the cushy, stylish design cue that suggests an eye toward lounging and total social comfort.  I love the ottoman/coffee table above. It is divine!

More rounded, abstractly-shaped vintage coffee tables lend a sense of water element to a room and create a focal point that welcomes you in but, at the same time, acknowledges that you are probably not staying too long in one spot even though it is comfortable.  The sleek lines (and glass, above!) are fluid; there is no sense of stasis here at all.  This is not a bad thing- after all, we can’t party all day & night!

My favorite type of coffee table for multi-use purposes is a long, low, asian-inspired goodie that, with the help of some floor mats, can convert into a fun “banquet” table, yet, daily, serves as a creative, energy-giving piece of furniture.  Again, watch for edges that are too razor sharp, but these are an easy fit in nearly any space.

What does your coffee table say about you? I’m curious!  xoxo Dana

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