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Sep 1, 2012 | The Beautiful

(image and project via Green Wedding Shoes)

This one is mainly for all the ladies out there who have grown weary of their wardrobe, and a bit tired of buying what everyone else has…Fashion DIY! I thought it would be fun to bring you a few projects that add maximum wow-factor or transformation to your closet without major skill required.  That said, just because you aren’t ready for Project Runway it does not mean you aren’t ready to make a few nips, tucks, weaves and dyes.  Making things creates a stronger connection to your wardrobe, which means…yep… better fashion feng shui! 

Suffice it to say, the shoes pictured above from Green Wedding Shoes are simply divine.  You can find the instructions HERE and, of course, you can create your own color scheme… though I love brights on nude shades so much!

If you have a white that has grown drab, brighten it to a lemon shade with some onion skin dye like A Beautiful Mess illustrates above.  No chemicals, no big investment…but the results are awesome. PS: for the curtains that are “too white” you can do the same!

If you have a good tailor in town or can stitch a seam (not too hard! really!) you can make this unbelievably cool basket weave shirt  a la Trash To Couture from your favorite lightweight sweatshirt or t-shirt. I mean… amazing!

I think that ribbon jewelry is timeless, and this one from Flamingo Toes is also simple!  You can do a little town-thrifting for the components to this piece, or break apart things that you have grown tired of that you already own.

I’ve been a long time fan of PS I Made This, and these DIY jeans give me yet another reason to keep reading voraciously.  Disressed jeans may come in and out of “trendy” fashion, but they are now an everyday, everyone-friendly staple and…so easy to make!

If you tackle any of the above, send me pix!!! I am actually going to pull out my jewels and finish a few more pieces this weekend while the sun is still shining and I can lazy around with pliers and gemstones! xoxo Dana



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