Some Hard-Won Life Wisdom

Sep 3, 2012 | Uncategorized

Viktor Frankl is a true hero.   He was a neurologist, psychotherapist and a concentration camp survivor, and he wrote the best-selling book “Man’s Search For Meaning.”  Yesterday at my Buddhist temple, the Chief Priest gave a lecture about this book.  It surprised me, enthralled me and totally shifted my perspective on life’s purpose.  To help other concentration camp prisoners survive when they were giving up hope on life, Frankl councelled them to think not of what the world had to give them, but what they had to contribute to others and to the world.  What a concept at a dark and treacherous time, and it proved lifesaving for these men as well as others who have decided to live with purpose rather than waiting for things to fall into their lap.  Check out this amazing book, and enjoy the wisdom of the day that is quite viscerally hard-won and searingly sharp!  xoxo Dana


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