Bringing The Strength Of Trees Indoors!

Sep 5, 2012 | Home Style

The Fall is feeling imminent as warm rain rolls over Los Angeles today, feeding the trees that are still very green.  Trees are wood energy in feng shui.  Their roots tap deeply into the earth as they grow taller and stronger.  Trees are graceful, dynamic and creative symbols in nature, and when bright indoors, they infuse a space with that core of goodness.  Today seemed like the perfect day for a little indoor tree symbol round-up!  Enjoy the energy…!

Of course, here is some fantasy architecture.

And, this room goes a bit overboard on tree energy, but can you see how strong the logs look in furniture?

( Janus Photo Arts)

An image like this gorgeous one of a tree can also infuse some nature inside.

Above is my absolute favorite tree-branch DIY from PS I Made This!  Gorgeous, no?

And, yes, more fantasy architecture, because its just too good to resist!


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