Feng Shui Q & A: My Office Is In My Bedroom

Sep 6, 2012 | Prosperity

A reader asked the feng shui question: “Please can you help? I have no choice but to have my office in my bedroom how should I plan my room?”

My Answer:

You have many options! If you have no choice, you have no choice.  To make it work and remain healthy, stay open to a few ideas that you can interpret for yourself.

First of all, keep the actual desk away from either side of your bed (ie, do not let a desk be as close as a nightstand to your bed), because you need deliniated private space.

Try to put a rug under the desk or under the bed….or both… to create seperate, deliniated spaces that are grounded.

Now, make sure you keep your wires out of site, your computer off as much as possible when you are not working, and your paperwork out of site.

Last idea: create a screen.  Whether you hang a curtain that seperates the space, get a shoji screen or use another form of room divider, please create that screen if you can. You don’t need the screen there 24-7 but best to have when you are sleeping to “shut off” work.

That’s a good start!  Please let me know how it goes!


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  1. Bianca Boc

    S.O.S Vienna ( Austria ) Architecture student needs help to choose a room 🙂
    Hi Dana!
    I start these year studing Architecture in Vienna. I got an appartment with other 2 girls. i have the ooprtunity to choose between 2 rooms. i tried to apply the Ba Gua to each room and i dont know with to choose..can you help me? The room is ca. 16 m² and its not furnished, so i want to furnish it feng shui. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/189/img994.jpg/ here is the plan , and i applied the Ba Gua to each room between i can choose .

    I will sleep there and also study.. :Book shelf , withe desk, bed etc.

    My questions are : 1. Where is better to position my singlebed(i do have a boyfrind with will came sometimes to visit me) in these case?
    2. Its good to get my desk in lila, orange or withe (magenta) are?
    3. Bookshelf help? can i choose a vertical one? White color for book shelf is passing in these case?
    4. What abou the health area? Its something wrong to choose a red carped or a grey or withe one? /i did not found a yellow one..
    5. Its good to hand flowers on the window?
    6. the relationship between Wardrobe and bed, bed window and window learning table ?
    7. Is to much withe bed for such a room? with witch color schould i comibe withe in these case, im also a runner, so i need also some motivation, withe and orange or lila? blue?

    Thank you so much , and i really appreciate your posts, and also on tumblr:)
    Big kiss from Europe

    • danaclaudat

      Hi there! I wish I could answer all of these questions but it would require really understanding you & the space well because they are very specific. Go with your instincts to start because you are the one living there…. and keep in mind the way that you need to use the space…!


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