Aromatherapy For Confidence!

Sep 12, 2012 | Sensory Goodness


Confidence.  Often wrongly mixed up with arrogance or egotism, confidence is something much more humble and magnetic and certain.  Confidence is knowing that no matter what shakes you, you will land on your feet. Confidence is understanding your talents and your weaknesses, rising to every occasion and understanding that you deserve to do well in the world because you do your best and that is awesome. Confidence really is a massive part of existence; lose it, and its like the magic has faded from life. The good news is that you can always build it back!

I thought it would be fun to blog a bit of aromatherapy to strenthen your detemination, drive and confidence, so here are a few simple mixes to add another layer of strength and fortitude to your space and support your awesome  personal star power!

Sweet Orange & Rosemary: Ah, the simple and the edible.  Yep, you can eat pure, therapeutic grade rosemary and sweet orange oil.  Best to stick with eating oranges and rosemary in herb form if you are a newcomer to aromatherapy…but you can also try this blend in a bath…or, my most favorite…I mix three drops of rosemary to one drop orange oil with some olive or coconut oil and use it as a fantastic scalp treatment and life energizer all-in-one. (Note: orange can burn, so start slow and test a small area of your scalp to see if you have any reaction)

Ginger: You can make ginger tea by boiling a few fresh peeled slices of ginger in a cup.  The aromatics are one benefit & the brew is also super-fortifying for your body.   You can also take a bath in that same boiled ginger tea, of for something a bit stronger to enhance your personal drive, try about 8-10 drops of  ginger essential oil in a bathtub.

Sandalwood & Lavender: This mix is a match made in heaven for those who let fear and anxiety get in the way of their confidence! A few drops of each mixed up in some carrier oil (i love coconut) is the base for a great massage, or you can dare to do as I do and put a drop of each on my wrists and rub them together.

Inhale deeply and walk tall! xoxo Dana


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