Feng Shui Q & A: An Interior Design Style Conundrum

Sep 12, 2012 | Home Style

A reader sent me this interesting interior design conundrum: ” Dear Dana, I’m torn. I want to redecorate my tiny apartment (32m2) and I cannot choose between 2 dramatically opposing styles. Now it’s Scandinavian minimalism (light pastel walls, whitewashed furniture, natural fabrics and materials). I can’t decide whether to leave it as it is & freshen up (or go more zen – an all-white apartment) or go overboard (think Pushing Daisies/Amelia interiors). I’ve weighed pros & cons, tossed coins and I still can’t decide. I love both styles. Please help.”

My Answer:

In the war between styles, going all white or all wacky will be all imbalanced.  Look at the room directly above.  We can barely distinguish furnishing from wall and when things get too-too white they get sterile, hyper-mentally-focused, emotionally drained and even physically stressful on the eyes!

The oppose scenario of ‘overboard” decor is easily a magnet for dust, cluttered thoughts, creative blockages and overwhelm.

It is time for you to create a new style.  Get yourself on Pinterest and start boards called “My Personal Style” and pull together pinboards of what you feel connected to: olors you grew up with, styles that make you feel excited, decor elements pulled from an entire look (IE, the fabulous coffee table in the Mid Century living room, rather than the whole style) and even textures and art that thrills you.

Reconcile the extremes and find your own personal style which is uncompromising!


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana


  1. the0wl

    Thanks for the response and taking the time to answer! The Scandinavian style no longer works for me. I still love it and I do love the pure and clean Danish interiors (all white) and this could work if I juggled shapes and textures. It has this je ne sais quoi, a strange “livability” and comfort – it’s so welcoming, airy, clean and simple without being boring; and I LOVE the light and sense of space. On the other hand, I am a little tired – I’ve had the same design for the last five years and it no longer serves its purpose. Just as you wrote – it’s too clinical – yes, it helps to concentrate but I also need to stimulate my creativity. Also all-white is a little impractical because it would be high maintenance, plus I just don’t want the same look any more. on the other hand, it would be far easier and much cheaper to redecorate.
    While watching Pushing Daisies it kind of hit me how stimulating and vibrant the interiors were – despite clashing colours and crazy patterns. They had such amazing energy. The room does not have to collect dust or get cluttered (and I don’t have that many trinkets to clutter the apartment anyway) I’m a little concerned though that with time too much colour and patterns may become overbearing. The walls were originally deep turquoise and the apartment has south and south-east exposure with large, undressed windows, which helped to lighten the look and dark, intense colours. Back then this was not exactly what I needed so I redecorated in pastel blue, white and beige.
    As I’m writing this, one thing has become clear – I do need change, and desperately, to have a more stimulating interior. I will try the pinboards and maybe I’ll be able to come to some compromise between a blank canvas and a furiously passionate cornucopia of pattern and colour. I am very much at home with both styles and they did work for me at different stages in my life.
    Thanks again for the advice! Take care!

    • danaclaudat

      send me a link to your Pinboard if you’d like, I’d love to see it!!! 🙂


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