The Art Of Fruit & Your Abundant Life!

Sep 13, 2012 | Life With Art

Claes Oldenburg

Fruit.  The “fruit bowl still life” has endured for hundreds of years in art.  Why? The fruit bowl has been a part of many many cultures for so so long!  A symbol of nourishment, abundance… sexuality, fertility… politics, human rights… Here is a little round-up of fruit as portrayed throughout the ages in all of its glory!

Fresh fruit- the more it varies the better- adds lusciousness to your home. Frida Kahlo’s art sends home that message.

A classic fruit bowl still life sheds light on the propriety and luxury of a fruit bowl that tracks back centuries for Robert Seldon Duncanson.

There is style inherent to fruit that has universal appeal, like a Roy Lichtenstein.

Put a Cezanne still like in front of me and I become mesmerized.  Here, fruit is not just sweet, it is so material it leaps from the canvas through your eyes into your hands in tactile richness.

And in your own home? Go exotic if you would like, go basic if that is all you need, but do get a bowl and load it up with fruit to create a greater sense of life force and freshness while providing an anytime snack to fuel the abundant and prosperous in your life!  xoxo Dana


  1. Carol Strickland

    I have plastic fruit since I live alone and fresh fruit would go bad. Does it matter that it’s plastic?? Many have commented that it looks real and my sister picked up an apple once to eat it when she realized it was plastic. LOL…..Thanks in advance.

    • danaclaudat

      honestly… not really, for the purposes of symbolism… but I’d get something live that will last (oranges, leons, limes) that you will use…and let them inspire you to use them, in a seperate bowl 🙂


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