Feng Shui Q & A : Designing A Home For A Couple With Different Decor Taste

Sep 18, 2012 | Home Style

A reader asked a fabulous feng shui question about how to design a home where two people’s tastes can “blend”: “My fiance and I just moved in together and we are trying to figure out how to blend our stuff and taste. We both have an interest in making our home feng shui, but this is a foreign concept to us (and interior designing is not my thing). I will stay posted to your blog but any other help/advice is much appreciated!”

My Answer:

While I can’t really say what is right or wrong feng shui-wise, I can offer this very big bit of starter advice:  you bot hneed to be equally represented in the house, and neither of you should have to (space permitting) part with your absolute favorite things. 

I usually have couples select their personal “must haves” and then sit down together and see if its even feasable to mix what you have.  Just about anything can be mixed with a bit of savvy.  If he is into mid century modern and you are into shabby chic, something can be worked out that looks glamorous between bot hof you!  In fact, lead with the idea that two sets of style are better than one…and let that guide you!

Now, for that savvy part: when things are not going to fit (IE, both of your favorite beds don’t fit in one bedroom), pick one and then make a design choice TOGETHER for the rest of the room.  For example- the beds don’t fit, so you decide to keep his.  Now, you take the lead in picking wall colors or new bedding and work together to find the one you both love.

Now for the second savvy part: anything tooooo girly or toooo manly is easy to disqualify in your negotiations, especially from the bedroom, even if one of you loves it.  Reason? Especially in the bedroom it can be a real turn off to get too manly or too , especially if the other person hates whatever it is! 

And the third piece of advice that has helped many: if you both have a ton of stuff  a small storage unit that allows you to rotate pieces in and out (or a big closet where you store art and rotate it) adds some extra “freshness” to your home constantly to keep things interesting… and well-blended!

 Congratulations of your moving in together and have fun!!!


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Always, I love hearing from you! xoxo Dana


  1. Shante H.

    Thank you so much for the information and answering my question, I really appreciate it! Great advice and I am excited to put this info into practice. I love the part about rotating the art. We both have tons of framed pics and art so that will be a great way to see all of our stuff and keep it fresh.
    Super awesome, thanks!


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