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Sep 20, 2012 | Prosperity

Today I am so excited to announce is giving away a  Pirouette Table Lamp to one of you on October 5th! Its a gorgeous white glass lamp with polished chrome finish worth $360.00 and its will belong to one of you… soon.   First, I will tell you a bit about my early experience with feng shui & lamps, and then I’ll tell you how to enter to win!

Way back when I first found feng shui, one glaring fact about my cottage space in the Hollywood Hills became horrifyingly clear: I lived in darkness.  I had a small desk lamp, another average-sized lamp in the living room that I would switch on at night, and the rest of the light bulbs in my home were housed in the requisite lights of the kitchen and bathroom.  The moment I started adding more light, major opportunities flooded into my life and within a month I was moving to a giant new space.  This was a huge revelation to me, and the reason why I want you to light up your life! 

Light has power: Light creates energy in your life.  It is symbolic fire that can catalyze change.  Light wakes us up biologically.  Sunlight- or full-spectrum bulbs that mimic sunlight, directly affect our mood and sleep-patterns. Light is YANG or ACTIVE energy a opposed to the quiet stillness of the dark. While we can open windows and blinds to usher in more sunlight, that is not sufficient for most of us in the darker months of winter and in the evenings year-round. 

(align the bottom row to the wall that contains the entrance door of your home. more on this HERE)

Light can change your life: In feng shui applications I use light in many ways, the most specific of which is to activate an area of your life that needs energy and attention and a bit of illumination according to the bagua map above.  While I use lanterns, traditional lamps, track lighting and a host of other lights in feng shui, the majority of the time I recommend “upward facing” and “glowing” light to create radiance in an area of a home.  That is why I specifically selected this Pirouette Table Lamp from the whole selection of’s Trend Lighting as the most perfect feng shui lamp for overall use…and beauty! 

Now, to win this lamp:  Tumblrs: reblog this post—–>   and you are entered!    Tweeters: hop onto my Twitter and RT the @lampsdotcom posts that say “Win a fabulous lamp” at the start and then direct you to RT them.  That’s it! You are now entered!!! Good Luck!!! xoxo Dana

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  1. Michaela

    Dana, I just wanted to say that your cheerful presence and good advice has literally saved my life!

    I was unemployed, a month away from being homeless, and terribly depressed. Checking my FB, where I have you ‘liked’, I noticed you were talking about dusting and keeping your home tidy and your toilet lid down.

    Well, I thought, ‘I have nothing to lose,’ and spent a little while picking up the place, rearranging a little, putting some plants and artwork around, lighting some candles, etc. In particular, I’ve made sure that toilet lid is down unless the queen’s on her throne (as it were).

    I immediately (IMMEDIATELY) noticed a difference– after months of sending out resumes without even a single person replying to tell me to go f-off, I had calls for three interviews– two I had to schedule for the same day! And got a job offer two days after going on those interviews. I start this Monday!

    So, in the space of a month, after some dead-easy tweaks on my part, inspired by you, my life has gone from the dumps to dreamland. I know a lot of people mock feng shui and and those of us who believe in it, but all I can say is– it saved me! Thank you so much!

    Warmest regards,



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