Creative Ways To Say Thank You!

Sep 25, 2012 | Prosperity

Cultivating gratitude in your life is critical. Cultivating gratitude is also extremely rewarding and so much fun!  Every day, every moment is a bonus. There are countless ways of saying thank you, and some you may not have thought of… so here are some ideas to strengthen your compassionate and grateful energy to open the doors of your life to much greatness!

While we all know- yet frequently forget, that we can send actual, handwritten thank you notes to people whenever appropriate (ie, always) , I am here to remind you of this at the start of our little thank you conversation today!  Start sending written thank you notes (like the fabulous one above from Etsy) and you will see a reaction of such utter excitement at times that no email could possibly elicit.  Give ’em a go!

Gifts that arrive year round are some of my favorites to give!  A simple magazine subscription can be a monthy token of appreciation.

Exquisite luxury food gifts are another long-lasting source of unique pleasure.  Gilt Taste sales are the ideal way to score everything from curated wine to unforgettable heart-shaped sugar cubes…and everything delicious in between. If you are not already a member, sign up HERE to get started!


 (image via apartment therapy)

Easy plants that have meaning are awesome gifts to bring to housewarmings.  Jade plants are often thought to be super prosperous since they look like they have leaves made of coins and are smooth and robust.  In my home, money trees flourish. Even some healthy bamboo stalks in a tale vase of clear water will bring some life force and “good fortune vibes” to a friend.

Give someone a bit of ethereal health, holistically.  Flower Essences subtly but powerfully change your personal energy and help us heal emotionally, yet they have basically no side effects I have ever hear of…!  From healing a broken heart to getting more focused at work, there is a bottle of flowers mixed for everyone at Alexis Smart Flower Essences.  They have changed my life for the WAY better!!!

 Or…give the gift of philanthropy to others!  I once got a Kiva gift card 5 years ago and I am still re-loaning that gifting money to entrepreneurs around the world through the Kiva site. These micro-loans are enormously helpful to others around the world, and the process of loading money raises your consciousness, for sure.  You can get Kiva Cards HERE. 

Give, give, give!!! And give to yourself, too!  Enjoy! xoxo Dana


  1. Ann Marie

    Hi Dana,

    Just wanted to say thank you- I had never even heard of Kiva before-and after reading this post, I was able to help a woman on the other side of the world get her husband’s taxi fixed. Miraculous! THANK YOU-I’m especially grateful for you today!
    Ann Marie

    • danaclaudat

      Such fabulous news to hear today! Its totally the overall reason why I do this blog- my small contribution to making the world more unified, prosperous and beautiful! Thank you for being so cool and seeing a way to help others, even across the globe!!! xoxo Dana


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