Couture Pumpkin Time!

Sep 26, 2012 | Home Style


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The end of September is just early enough before its too late to start talking pumpkin, and there are so many ways to dress up a pumpkin glamorously!  This holiday season, lets take a cue from the DIY greats and get a fabulous start on the festive season with pumpkins to stud, glitter and paint with abandon, no jack-o-lantern knife skills required! 

Social Graces presents pumpkins painted in a chevron pattern created with tape that resonate with absolute year-round elegance. I am a fan of mixing these patterned paint pumpkins with pumpkins au natural to create a scene that is still linked to nature.

Glitter pumpkins from Your Lifevents pack a maximum wow factor.  This extremely simple project can turn any size or shape of gourd into a striking disco ball of autumn.

Not too crafty? Well, Skip To My Lou illustrates how some gold spray paint turns the average pumpkin into a metallic sculpture with maximum impact with zero skill required!


If you’d like to be more unique and organic in your pumpkin decor, why not do a free-form pattern on your pumpkin like this one from Vitamini Handmade that beautifully accentuates the natural curves of the pumpkin’s form?


Of course, of you have more confidence in your skill with crafts, this studded and embellished pastel pumpkin project from Studio DIY will excite you— Thes are unforgettably lacey, intricate and multi-textured!

Where to put these bedazzled pumpkins? They are awesome on a doorstep, along a walkway, on a covered porch or in your office, for some elegant festiveness…or even strewn throughout your garden!!!  Enjoy! xoxo Dana

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