Good Things Come To Those Who Work!

Sep 26, 2012 | Uncategorized

It has been my experience that nothing comes with no strings attached, even when it seems like things are falling into your lap.  Money requires responsibility to manage it, just ask the lottery winners who have gone bankrupt.  Love requires cultivation, as intimated by the the vast cultural “issue” of increasing percentages marriages that fail (my friend quoted me 75% failure rate in Los Angeles, alone!). Artistic windfall success requires delivering the products, and continuing to out-do yourself as you develop creatively.  All of this “work” doesn’t have to be miserable, but it does have to be to create a life that is awesome and stable.  The notion that “things just come to her” or “he is the golden child who gets the best of everything” are not as basic as they seem; behind every life that grows there is a deep desire and lots of actions to promote that ascension!  So, no more waiting around…go make it happen!

 xoxo Dana

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  1. Thomas Lynn Pool

    I guess I have to change my motto, “Up by twelve, to work at one, take an hour for lunch and at two we’re done!” Seriously, thank you Dana. I’m blipping your links on (don’t know if this link will work: )


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